Who we are?

Ivan Kozak, founDer and CEO

My name's Ivan Kozak, I am the founder of "Zack Kennedy's Portraits Workshop".
I live in Ukraine, Lviv. I started painting when I even could not walk - when I was 2.
I painted with pencils, paints and hands...

But when I was 22 I fell in love with digital painting.
At first it was like a hobby, but then it gradually and confidently evolved into my profession and inspiration. I founded a workshop of portraits in Ukraine in 2015.
Now we are one of the biggest art-studio in Ukraine. And from 2017 we opened our international shop on Etsy. In less then 4 years we had draw more than 10 000 people!
Our canvases adorn houses of people in Ukraine, USA, United Kingdom,Germany, Australia, Ireland, Switzerland, Canada and France.

And now when you are reading this text I want you to know - that we want to make something very special for you too!

About us in numbers

We started to work on Etsy in 2016. You could go there and read all our reviews and see all our works and read our story. To see our Etsy store click here:


Almost 4 years of working

More than 9000 happy clients

More than 2000 5-star reviews