Custom portrait inspired by R & M Cartoon

Custom portrait inspired by R & M Cartoon

Rick and Morty portrait: became a part of the legendary cartoon

Rick and Morty is a TV series so concentrated that even the dark matter next to it looks like a chemical mixture of water and salt (read "the cartoon is complex and too deep").Β 

Once, Justin Royland and Dan Harmon developed the concept of the series, sold the pilot episode, and wrote the first script draft in 1 day. Cool, hah? We worked on it and tried to become a Flash in drawing. Our designer can create a Rick and Morty custom portrait of you in three workdays.

I think you notice that Rick and Morty is a quintessence of some cult cartoon and you are right, the creators while they invented the cartoon were inspired by Ren and Stimpy, The Simpsons, and Adventure Time.

The TV show features 4.5 tons of pop culture references. The most obvious are:

  • Anatomical Park - Jurassic Park;
  • the title of the series Meeseks and Destroy - a reference to the song Seek and Destroy;
  • the title of the series Raising Gazorpazorp is a reference to the film Raising Arizona, and the series itself is a parody of the film "Zardoz"

By the way, Rick has a box in his garage named Time Travel Stuff. A great hint which shows us that the creators are interested in time traveling in the same way as the dusty trash on the shelf in the garage. Unlike creators, we can provide you time-traveling through our Rick and Morty couple portrait. Using our drawing skills you can be in every location in the cartoon, you can wear every costume that you can imagine.

Why you need Rick and Morty self portrait

The process of creating a Rick and Morty portrait of yourself is exciting. It is a whole new universe, after our designer finishes their work you will become a part of the Rick and Morty family.

To understand why you need this masterpiece below we listed some common reason:

  • this work unique, no one in the whole world will own it;Β 
  • you can use it as a profile pic on Facebook or Twitter accounts;
  • you can make it as a poster, and yourself like a rockstar;
  • you can put it on a T-shirt and became an owner of a unique T-shirt;
  • also, how about drawing Rick and Morty family portrait and hanging it in the living room or in the bedroom;
  • if your soulmate is a huge fan of this show - such a portrait will be a great present for every holiday, especially if it will be your photo stylized like Rick and Morty couple portrait - just imagine you, he/she, parallel universe, blasters and costumes;
  • such a present will be appropriate for your besties.

How to order Rick and Morty portrait

In the first place, you have to choose how many people will be in your portrait. Maybe you decide to include a custom cartoon portrait Rick and Morty pets also. We assure you, It will be the cutest and most unique portrait ever, especially if you decide to picture your dog or cat as Jerry.

In the second place, you should choose the type of portrait you prefer - digital or canvas print - note, we can do both. If you prefer to Print on Canvas you have to choose its size.

Our company offers you a three type of canvas:

  • 8x10;
  • 11x14;
  • 16x20 - this is the most popular size among our customers and suitable for hanging.

Then, you need to upload three or more photos. We have some particular requirements for them because as clearer photos would be as better, Rick and Morty personalised portraits inspired by Rick and Morty would be.

What about the background inspired by Rick and Morty couple portrait

The most popular background of our customer, of course, is the green portal. Still, we can offer you a few more backgrounds for Rick and Morty style portrait:

  • Space
  • the Green Portal
  • the Planet

We know that you have a lot of ideas - just download your background, or describe what you want to see and it’s done.Β 

Important note: we know how important this work will be for you and why we will show it before printing. In this case, you can add some changes or just feast one's eyes on the future portrait.

How much time does it take?

The process of creating the art takes from 3 to 5 days. However, it can take more time in case that you choose a difficult background or add some detail after we send you a ready sketch.

For the printed version delivery time are:

  • USA - 4-8 business days
  • United Kingdom - 5-9 business days
  • Germany - 5-9 business days
  • The rest of the world - 10-15 business days

If you still have doubts about purchasing from our website: below you can find tons of reviews, where our customers are sharing their experience.

If after reading this article you will have some questions you can write us an email and ask them - our managers will answer them as soon as possible.Β 

In case if you don’t like the writing-waiting process and wanna know immediately, you can visit our FAQs section and find more information about our work, terms, and refund policy. We are working for your joy and hope that after ordering you will share your experience in the section below.