Pets Portraits - custom digital pet portraits

Pets Portraits - custom digital pet portraits

Custom pet portraits painting: the best gift for an animal owner

Many of us have a pet at home - usually a cat or a dog, but often other animals: parrots, turtles, fluffy rabbits, chinchillas. Unfortunately, their age is short-lived, and the time comes when they have to say goodbye to their favorites. But no worries, we here to help you to deal with this. We offer you a whole new option - animalistic portraits.

Animalism is a genre of the painting depicting animals. From time immemorial, the animal painting was valued for its liveliness.

Animalism became famous for still lifes, battle scenes of hunting, as well as ceremonial portraits of animals with their owners. The gracefulness of the animals delights the viewer, and enjoy the good-looking pets who will look at you from this piece of art.

We can depict a portrait of any animal. The image of the characters of the animal world in the picture is always an original solution for decoration. An unusual and original gift.

We specialize in creating unusual digital pet portraits, combining real portraits of the 19th century and rare Renaissance paintings with photographs of animals. Also, we can create a custom cartoon pet portrait, for example, in the Sympson or Rick and Morty style.

Actually, due to new technology we can create almost all possible style, your cat or dog can be a superhero pet on such portraits, king or queen, 

Why are pet portraits on canvas always a good idea?

Pets portraits allow you to pay a real tribute to the memory of a dear wordless creature.

For each owner, the pet is the most beautiful of all representatives of this genus. Custom portraits of animals display such close and familiar traits, a peculiar disposition, character. This is a great way to express the full range of feelings that every person has for a pet. There are many reasons to please: the birthday of a pet or owner, a holiday, or a memorable date.

Modern technologies and materials allow artists to create beautiful paintings for interior decoration. Fancy pet portraits are suitable for decorating an apartment, a country house, or an office. Sometimes the owners get lost among the variety of styles: they do not know in what technique to order a portrait of a pet.

Royal pet portraits and Renaissance pet portraits: add some luxuries to your own life

Many pet owners treat their pets with such awe as if they were members of the royal family. Now they have the opportunity to see their favorites in their real royal form! The ZK Custom Portraits Workshop allows everyone to create regal pet portraits of their cat or dog in the costume of a king, nobleman, or noble lady. We can recreate the famous Renaissance piece of art and put your pets there.

It's easy to create a pet portrait on the website. All procedure takes a few steps:

  • upload a photo of your pet to the website;
  • choose a sketch in which would like to see your cat or dog;
  • choose which type of portrait you want: Digital Version, Canvas Print, or Framed Poster Print.

If you don’t know how it will be looking we collect all our works on this webpage and to reduce all doubts - here you can find a customer’s reviews. The whole gallery of luxurious ceremonial portraits - your little pet can become a general or a count, queen, or maid of honor of the court.

Victorian pet portraits and multiple pet portrait in Victorian style

We know that to order something you need to know the whole process of creating such a portrait.

Designers process the portrait in such a way that it does not differ from the original in anything except the head, and the head of an animal on a human body would look natural. The work is considered completed only after it is approved by the customer.

Such a portrait will bring a lot of positive emotions to the owners of the animal and will be an excellent gift for friends who adore their dog or cat.

You can ask us to create a portrait of your cat, using a specific background. In this case, just made requests and add some stylish elements, such as:

  • royal dress or costume; 
  • necklace or medals;
  • tiara or crown. 

After this, our designers will go through the editing process and fine-tuned a couple of things until you feel happy with the final product.

Also, the portrait may become a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation. It can be a great present for any occasion, it’s suitable as a gift for mom and dad, friends or soulmates.

Why you need custom pet portraits

First of all, for its owner, it will be a great positive experience which he/she never forgets, your pet will become a part of the Royal family or can be imaged as a superhero: Batman, Catwoman or Green Lantern. Another bonus, you also will get an endorphin explosion when you receive a portrait.

But the main reasons are:

  • this portrait can be an avatar on social networks or you can post it on Instagram;
  • you also can print this image on a T-shirt - and you will have the coolest and unique T-shirt with your pet on it;
  • also, how about drawing a Renaissance family portrait and hanging it over the sofa in the living room;
  • such a piece of art will be a great present for Valentine’s day, mother or father days;
  • If you want to surprise your beloved one with a unique gift we assure you that will be a 100% hit.

We know how it's important to you to immortalize your pet. We know it because we also have pets in our home. And for us, same as for you, it’s an important part of our family and we treated them as loved family members also. 

They can cheer us up in difficult times. Keeping this in mind we create such an option for you, that you also can create some cool piece of art with your cat/dog or whoever lives in your house.

How long does it take to create and deliver the masterpiece?

As usual, creating the digitals version takes more than 3 works days. Still, it can take longer if there's more than one pet on the portrait or you decide to create a cartoon version or add some adjustments. If you need it to come to you much faster or you want to finish the portrait to some particular date, let us know. We’ll do our best.

For the printed version average shipping time are next:

  • USA - 4-8 business days;
  • United Kingdom - 5-9 business days;
  • Germany - 5-9 business days;
  • Rest of the world - 10-15 business days.

You should also think about this before purchasing. You will get the final picture to deliver in JPEG and PDF Files (High Quality/High-Resolution Format) ready to print. No physical delivery is offered. If you still have doubts about purchasing from us: below you can find tons of reviews, where our customers are sharing their experience.

In case if something went wrong, but assure you it doesn’t happen, you have a right to return the portrait within 14 days. If 14 days have gone since your purchase, unfortunately, we can be able to offer you a refund or exchange.

To be eligible for a return, your order must be unused and be in the same condition in which you received it. It must be in the original packaging too.

Even after reading this article you still have questions you can write to us and ask them - our manager will answer them gladly. Also, you can visit our FAQ”s section and read more information there. We are working for you and hope that after purchasing you will share your experience in the customer review section.