Custom Yellow portraits inspired by Simpsons

Custom Yellow portraits inspired by Simpsons

Simpsons style portrait: how to become a part of favorite cartoon

Before we tell you about our service we want to share with you fun facts about this cartoon.

The Simpsons have long ceased to be just a TV series. They grew into a whole philosophy, became a separate cunning world with their own rules, laws, and leaders.

Stamps were released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of The Simpsons on screens. Even the post office decides to immortalize the characters of Simpsons. What are you waiting for? We can do almost everything, just tell us what you want to receive and we will work hard to make your dreams come true.

The surnames of almost all the characters in the series are street names in Groening's hometown, Portland, Oregon.

The famous D'oh, which every dog knows today, was never written in the script: instead, it was written "Annoyed Grunt". Dan Castelanetta, who voices Homer speaks, actually came up with the most popular of his character by himself - however, copying the then-unknown "D'oh" by James Finlayson.

The names of the green aliens from the planet Rigel VII were taken from Star Trek by the creators of The Simpsons: Kang is the captain of the Klingon warship, Kodos, aka Kodos the Executioner, is a villain, an enemy of the light side and just a bad guy. That is the cool one: if you fan both Star Trek and The Simpsons, we can recreate this scene on your custom Simpsons portrait inspired by Simpsons.

If you look closely at Homer's right ear and hair, you can see the letters "M" (Matt) and "G" (Groening) in them. Matt Groening decided to modestly hide his initials right on the main character. So if your first name starts with M and your last name starts with G, you can safely say that Homer Simpson contains your part. We will not tell anyone.

No one in the giant Simpsons animation team could draw a Daddy Angry comic to look like a child's drawing. Therefore, the kids of the creators got down to business. In our case, all of our portraits have a high-quality masterpiece.

The Simpsons are listed in the Guinness Book as a film, where a large number of stars were invited. You and your family also can be a part of The Simpsons family by ordering a Simpson style family portrait on our website.

The production of one episode takes on average 6-7 months and $ 2 million. At the same time, only storyboarding and voice acting are done in Hollywood, everything else is done in Korea.

In our case, you shouldn’t spend $2 million to become a yellow cartoon. We offer you a personalized Simpsons portrait.

Some people tels, that The Simpsons are an example of a dysfunctional family, but they are mistaken. Marge and Homer are madly in love with each other, they have three kids, a cozy home, a stable job, and every Sunday they go to church. We completely agree with this. We know that the secret of a good relationship is love, that’s why we can create a Simpsons couple portrait.

Why you need a custom yellow portrait inspired by Simpsons

First of all, it is a whole new experience, you will become a part of the Simpsons family, you will get an endorphin explosion when you receive a portrait if you know what I mean.

But the main reasons are:

  • this portrait can be an avatar on social networks;
  • you can print on canvas or make it as a poster;
  • you can print this image on a T-shirt - and you will have the coolest and unique T-shirt;
  • also, how about drawing a Simpsons family portrait and hanging it over the sofa in the living room;
  • such a piece of art will be a great present for Valentine’s day, mother or father days;
  • If you want to surprise your beloved one with a unique gift we assure you that will be a 100% hit.

How to make an order of personalized Simpsons family portrait

First of all, you need to choose how many people will be in your yellow cartoon portrait. Maybe you decide to include in the Simpsons portrait pets also.

Second of all, you need to choose what kind of portrait you want - digital or canvas print -we can do both. If you prefer to Print on Canvas you have to choose its size.

We can offer you a three type of canvas:

  • 8x10
  • 11x14
  • 16x20

In the third step, you need to upload three photos. We have some requirements for photos because as clear photos would be a better custom yellow character portrait inspired by Simpsons would be. Also if you need to add another photo - send it to our email or Messenger.

What about the background

The most popular background of our customer, of course, the couch in Bart’s house. Still, we can offer you a few more backgrounds for Simpsons portrait:

  • the Homer”s house
  • the First Church of Springfield
  • the Moe’s bar

Also if you have ideas - just download your own background and it’s done. Important note: we will show your portrait before printing. That you can add changes or just admire the future canvas portrait. Our top priority is to make you happier and satisfied.

About the material which we use for the yellow character portrait inspired by The Simpsons

We use only high-quality materials. We give you a 100% Satisfied guarantee. Our designer works so hard and improves their skills to become better every day. You can choose any size from our list or if you want some special size let us know. We ship worldwide! Below you can find terms and the list of countries.

Digital version

You will get a high-res drawing via email and you can print it out on any canvas or paper in any local or online print shop in your city or state.

Please describe every detail:

  • clothing (color, style); 
  • background; 
  • face, maybe you want to have a piercing or something; 
  • pose or any other custom items in the notes section at the checkout. 

Please note! If you fill all the required fields and after deciding to add new detail after your order this may require additional charges. Every portrait discusses individually.

How long does it take to create and deliver the masterpiece?

As usual, creating the digitals version takes more than 3days. Still, it can take longer if there's a great number of members on the portrait or you choose your own background or add some adjustments. If you need it to be done faster or you want to finish the portrait to some particular date, let us know. We’ll do our best.

For the printed version average shipping time are next:

  • USA - 4-8 business days
  • United Kingdom - 5-9 business days
  • Germany - 5-9 business days
  • Rest of the world - 10-15 business days

You should also think about this before purchasing. You will get the final picture to deliver in JPEG and PDF Files (High Quality/High-Resolution Format) ready to print. No physical delivery is offered. If you still have doubts about purchasing from us: below you can find tons of reviews, where our customers are sharing their experience.

In case if something went wrong, but assure you it doesn’t happen, you have a right to return the portrait within 14 days. If 14 days have gone since your purchase, unfortunately, we can be able to offer you a refund or exchange.

To be eligible for a return, your order must be unused and be in the same condition in which you received it. It must be in the original packaging too.

Even after reading this article you still have questions you can write to us and ask them - our manager will answer them gladly. Also, you can visit our FAQ”s section and read more information there. We are working for you and hope that after purchasing you will share your experience in the customer review section.