Custom Portraits inspired by BBurgers

Custom Portraits inspired by BBurgers

How to create an unusual Bob's burger portrait

Before you decide from which cartoon you want to create your family portrait you should know some interesting facts about the BB show. From the first sign you can think that Bob’s burger is another cartoon whose graphics remind us of the Simpsons, but come one - this cartoon has its history and charm.

For example, to broadcast the show to Fox, the show's creators did a rough three-minute demo of a scene where Bob and Linda grind meat and Bob forgets his wedding anniversary. 

The differences between the demo and the scene in the real show included vastly different Jay Howell character designs and crude animation, and Belcher was actually a family of cannibals making hamburgers out of the flesh of their victims. 

However, Fox found the idea of ​​cannibalism too dark for an animated comedy film, so it was deleted. Although this led to the plot of the first episode, where health inspectors accuse the family of being cannibals.

The actors record their dialogue together for each episode. Some of the actors live in New York and the rest are in Los Angeles, so they record over ISDN. We know that animation work can be hard, that is why we know that sometimes you wanna be a part of your favorite TV show. We cannot help you to get into The Bob's burger as a part of actors, but we can create Bob's burger style family portrait.

Rio de Janeiro has a chain of restaurants which is called Bob's Burgers, also in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Bellingham, and Three City, Washington. There is also Bob's burger in California. If this city decides to open the restaurant you definitely should purchase a custom Bob's burgers portrait.

Why you need Bob's burgers custom drawing

The process of creating a masterpiece is exciting. It is a whole new world, after our designer finishes their work you will become a part of the BB family, and as a bonus, you will get an endorphin explosion.

Still, the main reasons are:

  • this portrait unique no one in the whole world will have it; 
  • you can use it as a profile pic on social networks;
  • you can make it as a poster, like a rockstar;
  • you can put it on a T-shirt and became an owner of a unique T-shirt;
  • also, how about drawing Bob's burger family portrait and hanging it in the living room;
  • if your soulmate or member of the family is a huge fan of the BB show - such a portrait will be a great present for every holiday;
  • If you want to surprise your beloved one with a unique gift we assure you that will be a 100% hit.

How to order Bob's burger family portrait

First of all, you have to choose how many people will be in your portrait. Maybe you decide to include in Bob's burgers custom portrait pets also. It will be the cutest and most unique portrait ever.

In the second step, you need to choose what type of portrait you prefer - digital or canvas print - note, we can do both. If you prefer to Print on Canvas you have to choose its size.

Our website offers you a three type of canvas:

  • 8x10;
  • 11x14;
  • 16x20 - this is the most popular size among our customers.

Third, you need to upload three or more photos. We have some particular requirements for them because as clearer photos would be as better, Bob's burgers style portrait inspired by BB show would be. If you decide to add another photo - send it to our email or Messenger.

What about the background

The most popular background of our customer, of course, the couch in Bob’s bar. Still, we can offer you a few more backgrounds for custom Bob's burgers portrait:

  • the Bob’s house
  • the Church of Aquaticism
  • the Bob’s bar

We know that you have a good imagination and a lot of ideas - just download your background and it’s done. 

Important note: we know how important this work will be for you and why we will show it before printing. In this stage, you can add some changes or just feast one's eyes on the future canvas portrait. Our top priority is to make you satisfied.

How much time does it take?

The process of creating the digitals version takes from 3 to 5 days. However, we can work longer in case there's a big family on the portrait or you choose a difficult background or add some adjustments after we send you a sketch. We’ll do our best.

For the printed version delivery time are:

  • USA - 4-8 business days
  • United Kingdom - 5-9 business days
  • Germany - 5-9 business days
  • Rest of the world - 10-15 business days

If you still have doubts about purchasing from us: below you can find tons of reviews, where our customers are sharing their experience.

If after reading this article you still have questions you can write to us and ask them - our managers will answer them gladly. In case if you don’t like to wait and wanna know immediately, you can visit our FAQ”s section and read more information there. We are working for your joy and hope that after purchasing you will share your experience in the customer review section.